Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Someone suggested MARA to change the name to MKARA. This is to reflect the change in the way the organisation is managed based on the recent properties transaction . Good luck Majlis Kurang Amanah Rakyat.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Flood in Kelantan - an acceptable natural phenomena for Kelantan's people?

2014 flood in Kelantan is one of the worst?

It is an unfortunate event but now I am not very sure. It is a yearly event but nothing seems to change after 30 years (my working careers). Now I wonder if the Malaysian government or the Kelantan State government or the Kelantan people had just accepted that flood will happen, property will destroyed, live will be lost and business will be disrupted and lots of money will be needed to rebuild the villages, towns and the city.

These few days I had tried hard to search (online) relevant technical papers that analyse the cause of the flood, the mitigation measures and the long term plan to solve this problem. Unfortunately most of the papers are about the impact of the flood to the people (social studies) but less on the long term mitigation.

There was one interesting study by JPS sometime in 1999 on the 'Kelantan River Flood Mitigation Project' but I just wonder whether any real mitigation plan was implemented.

May be it was just a study......live will go on....
May be it is just a place suitable for living 90% of the year which will get less and less as more forest are cleared and sea level rises due to global warming.
May be the rain will move southern ...
May be the tide will die down..
May be the moon will disappear...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A community road in Saujana Putra - Some Simple Traffic Analysis.

Take a look at Jalan SP/10 Saujana  Putra

How many cars fit on to this community road of approximately 340m in length?

Just count the dots along the street . If the road is one lane then approximately 80 cars will fit it.
....coming soon --- video of a traffic sim....

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have you heard what the newly appointed Chairman of Proton said?

This is what he got to say after spending millions or billions of public money.

"My plan is to work with Proton, and make it (Proton) a success," he told reporters before the Asian Banker Annual Leadership Achievement Awards Dinner 2014 here on Tuesday night." (quote : from the STAR)

Please do not think the public are stupid to listen to you and your cronies promises. ?

This include to the engineers who had spent their lifetime seating comfortably for more than 25 years in Proton thinking they are making Malaysia proud.

When I graduated sometime in 1982 most of the engineers during that period was so proud to joint companies like Proton, Perwaja and Mimos. It had been 32 years and these three companies keep on making promises to the public and spending money like they owned them. What have you done so far to the country?

Just stop for a while and think if the money that you used to bring up your family and kids up are honestly earned by you or was the money robbed from the public pocket.?

Go an take a break and think hard and think different !. You just spent 32 years of your lifetime robbing people on the day light.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rain Every Evening but no water for shower !!!!

Am I staying in a wrong country?. It was raining almost everyday in Subang and Petaling Jaya but there was no water for shower and cooking.

What ever poor planning done by the government and politicians the public have to bear the cost and pain.

Is this what the 'unprecedented governance' all about.?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Memang Sah SYABAS Tak Tahu urus air.

Hari ini 6hb March 2014 - ikut jadual yang di sahkan oleh SPAN sepatutnya ada air di Putra Height tapi bagun tidur paip tak juga ada air. Dah le penat sampai malam hari cari air ke sana sini nak mandikan anak.

Jangan lah nak di harapkan lagi pada SYABAS , SPAN, UMNO dan PKR / DAP. Semua sama nak isi poket masing-masing.

Semua tak boleh di percayai.

Bagi MAS rugi ber juta-juta.

Bagi PROTON nak pulak fund berbillion dari kerajaan.

Bagi Jadual tak di tepati.

Bagi amanah tak di jaga.

Rakyat Malaysia semua kena tipu oleh kroni.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

China trying to get a piece of Malaysia ???

Have you read latest news form Reuters today reporting three Chinese ships on Sunday patrolled the James Shoal, an area claimed by Malaysia........unbelievable... and I hope this is not true

read this article...

First give the multi billion Penang Second Bridge project to China Contractor, then the railway project, then the locomotive, then the port projects.......You know what the Chinese Govt use the money for!...... take an island less than 100km from Malaysia's shoreline.......I thought we have a cordial relation...

Can't trust anyone nowadays...