Thursday, April 29, 2010

Driving with or without license or a license to kill...

There are so many people writing on their blogs trying to blame the 15 year old boy from Shah Alam driving the car without license.

Yes he has committed some crime but you and me or any kids or even a 40 years man with or without license will sometime panicked when get chased by some mat rempit or several police cars.

But the question of the day - do we need to get a shot from the back of our head ?
Can the police radar detected the 'parang' (if there is any) in his moving car and chased him as if he had killed or robbed someone .

Just because public made all kind of comment, someone then decided to pull all the policemen from the street - don't be childish .

To all other good policeman out there : someday , you and me will have at least one 15 years old kid in our home or in the street one day.

Our duty is to protect and guide them -for whatever mistake they have done, killing them is not an option or the final option.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Second Penang Bridge

At last (26th April 2010) the consession company of the Second Penang Bridge , JKSB and CHEC Construction (M) Sdn Bhd and UEM Builder Berhad had agreed to sign the COntract Agreement.

The 23.5 km bridge which cost approximately RM4.5 billion will be operational at the end 2013.

Only the marine parts of the bridge had been awarded. The tender for land part of the bridge had been closed and is now being evaluated by JKSB.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Please don't take our kids' life away

Last weekend a 21 year old student died in Selayang when he tried to escape from being caught by local resident who suspected him spending a night with her college mate. Possible cause of death - panic response.

Last night a15 year old student from Shah Alam was shot dead by a policeman when he tried to escape from being caught due to "some reason"... Possible cause of death - panic response.

How can we trust the people around us anymore. How can we trust the people who has the power to protect our kids but instead take away their life.

Are death the ultimate penalty they have to pay for the mistakes they have done.