Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Window Vista

A window of a Malay wooden house with beautiful pattern and opening to provide airy enviroment.No Firewall..No Patches..required.

Malay house in Malacca

A typical house in Melaka (Malacca). Notice a big staircase with colourful tiles.

The Swing from Haven

A swing hang from a manggo tree made by my father 10 years ago still working.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rupa Malaysia: A Decade of Art 1987-1997

Rupa Malaysia : A Decade of Art 1987-1997: Fifty seven contemporary works of art essay the passage of time and reflect Malysia's progress as well as provide insights into its multietchnics soceity and heritage. ..published by National Art Gallery (1983)

3D Model of LRT Track

A 3D model of LRT track span over the expressway

Sunday, March 25, 2007

KL Designer's Souq

Fashion show featured work of Malaysia's designers :18-24-Aug 2005

Tom Abang Saufi , Nazleen Noor, Salikin Sidek, Noor Arfa Butik, Adnan Hassan, Amin JAuhary, Andy Sulaiman, Ridz Collection, Trend Busana Muslim

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ministry of Transport , Putrajaya

View from Ministry of Transport, Putrajaya

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Traditional Music in Malay Wedding


Yasmin Ahmad’s movie “Mukhsin” tells the age-old story of the human condition in the face of young love and friendship with remarkable characters that make the film warm and real.

Mukhsin (Mohd Syafie bin Naswip) gets acquainted and enamoured with young and precocious Orked (Sharifah Aryana Syed Zainal Rashid)......

Starring: Mohd Syafie Naswip , Sharifah Aryana, Sharifah Aleya, Adibah Noor

Director: Yasmin Ahmad

Monday, March 19, 2007

Art College with extra paints

An art college near Sunway Pyramid


Ghazal : musician entertaining visitor to a conference in Sunway Resort Hotel

First Day Cover features Marine life

A total of 441,000 issue stamps and first day cover were issued by Pos Malaysia on February 2007.

Four types of marine life were featured in the release :
Leaf Scorpionfish
Orange-striped Triggerfish
Chamber Nautilus
Spotted Box Fish.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

M The Opera

M! the Opera is scored for a cast of 35 singers and an orchestra of western and Malay traditional instruments. The music was written for 'asli' singers, (the roles of M and his mother, Kak Ros), sopranos, (M's Muse Sepi and his Directrice of Couture Madame....

Visit Official Website

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Kuantan Town : Boat ride

Kuantan town photo taken from Sungai Kuantan.
If you are in Kuantan don't miss the chance to take a boat ride along Sungai Kuantan.

Penang Bridge

Two workers climbing the pier tower of Penang bridge

North Port Container Terminal

Malaysia leading container port. A container vessel berthing and unloading containers at North Port, Port Klang.

Malacca House

The house was built in 1884 by four master builders. The same builders were asked to modify the house in 1925.... Believe it or not.
You can find detail of this photo at Petronas Refinery Admin Office in Melaka

Rose Water Still

Rose Water Still
A type of distilling plant found in Muslim countries described in Kitab Al-Tasrif . Photo taken during the Islamic Civilisation Exhibition in Malaysia Convention Center, KLCC


Three different oil products :from left
Petroleum Diesel , RBD Palm Olien , ENVO Diesel
(Photo taken during the Malaysian Agriculture Show 2006 at UPM Serdang)

Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah : Malaysian women's version of viagra before the term "Biotechnology" was invented.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Discover Bukit Gasing

Discover Bukit Gasing "A guide to common trees and plants".

An effort of Friends of Bukit Gasing and Malaysian Nature Soceity to educate the public on the importance of environmental conservation.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

LRT at Putra World Trade Center

Two LRT just passed each other near Putra World Trade Center.

Museum Melaka

Some of photos displayed aoutside Muzium Rakyat in the historical city of Melaka.

Kampong Morten Melaka

I just have to appreciate the work the state had done to beautify the historical Melaka river.

Photo taken at Kampong Morten (near the Melaka main bus station)

Kota Bharu - Kuala Krai Road

A view along Kota Bahru -Kuala Krai road (8 am) . Misty morning . Sunshine appeared only at 10 am.