Saturday, May 30, 2009

Solving a bridge problem

Two years ago a contractor excavated a river close to existing bridge piers (without temporary protection) resulting in serious scouring to the bridge piles. As a result the bridge had to be closed.

While cleaning my hard disk recently, I happened to locate what I had drawn on a white board during a mid night discussion before asking the minister to close the bridge.

Nothing happened to the contractor. No penalties . Blame it on river discharge increased over time because some local council did not ask the housing developer close by to build retention pond.

Three days ago I happened to drove by a road at the perimeter of Jaya Supermarket 2 hours before the collapse. There is no terrorist to be blame here except the Contractor. There are not many jobs in town so there were so many excavators idling waiting for short term rental. So they tought they can just bring as many excavator as they can and finish the job before the authorities caught them.

Some of Malaysia Contractor's mentality never change.

Why can't we have the list of all the problematic contractors with the directors name online so we can help the local council to check these culprits. Our local council and their staff are too busy issuing summon to car owners who park their car all over the place along the road side.

Will the contractor get serious punishment this time. ? I don't think so. Maybe the same contractor will be working next to your house next months doing something you cannot imagine.

Watch out.!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Third Bridge to Singapore ?

What a ridiculous idea ?. Why Malaysia need a bridge conecting to Singapore on the eastern Johor just to develop eastern Johor.

Malaysia leader should crack their head to find ways to stimulate the economy of eastern Johor internally and not by depending on Singaporean.

After spending a big sum of money on stupidly engineered crook bridge the government is still thinking Singapore are good neighbour.