Monday, March 31, 2008

KL-Putrajaya Highway

Photo showing the toll rates for KL-Putrajaya Highway.
I had the opportunity to used the highway last month and it wasn't that bad. Reached Putrajaya from Bulatan Kampong Pandan in KL in less than 25 minutes.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Political Map of West Malaysia

Legend : Blue - BN : Green - Barisan Rakyat

My simple observation :
[1] The northern region except Perlis is already covered by BA
[2] In term of area BN may have slighlty more land area.
[3] BA area covers plenty of industrial and knowledge base resources.
[4] Major ports are in the BA area
[5] Main airport are in BA Area.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

TV 3 had started the propaganda again. So do something fast

Did you watch TV3 8.00 news just now.? It was disgusting. They had call all the pro BN political analyst to make comment on how the new Barisan Rakyat will fulfill their pre election promises.

Did they asked this so called expert why people vote Barisan Rakyat . How much money the cronies make money from the project initiated by BN. How many project was awarded to contractors without tender.

Oh TV3...

So guys.. If you can change the government you can also do the change to this TV station. Let start now before they create more anti Barisan Rakyat propaganda.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Now who had misread his audience?

The Star dated 8th March 2008 headline "Anwar has misread his audience, says Ruslan"

He had even said ""The people merely want to listen to him (Anwar Ibrahim) making his speech”

..Maybe Roslan Kassim think people in Malaysia are stupid and like to waste their time. ....

Wikipedia need quick update for some states

The webpage of the following states need to be updated : Penang, Kedah and probably Perak and Selangor . Please dont let the company like Motorola thinks that the Chief Minisiter is still the Gerakan man. . . .

Will Penang Second Bridge be constructed under Opposition rule?

Now it was confirmed that Penang falls to BA , I wonder the Second Penang Bridge will become a reality. The project that cost more than RM3 bil that had been awarded to United Engineers and China Harbour will put a big dent to UE financial book.

Do you sell your UE share this coming Moday ?

Another projects that will get into problem will be most likely the Penang Monorail and Northern Double Track projects.

Share of Scomi and Gamuda to fall ?

Let see also what happen to Bursa Malaysia ?

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm sorry BN . Time is running out !

I'm sorry BN.

All the corridors do not have any meaning to me.

The cake is getting smaller.

The plot is getting thicker.

Time is running out for me.

My children are scared to be on their own.

I have no choice but to groom this lady..

Unlucky PLKN participants

I dont know what Malaysian consider good planning ?

Take for example the date for registration for PLKN 2008 second batch which had been fixed to be on 18th March 2008 while the date of the SPM result announcement was scheduled to be on 12th March 2008.

When I call the PLKN centre about 3 weeks ago they said they normally allow for 2 weeks gap between the two events to allow the students to made the necessary plan for their University application. So I had expected the result to be announced around 2nd march .

Does the govt officers think the children can make the important decision for their future within 4 days (less 2 days for the weekend and their unpredictable online university application system).

The government had ample time and resources to plan everything but why they just want to make life difficult for the public.

Some of the parents that I meet were annoyed with the short time made available for them to decide on their kids education plan . Their kids who was originally anxious to take part in the PLKN programme now felt they were not given a fair treatment by the two ministries responsible for fixing the dates.