Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harzadous Containers on NSE Expressway

I am curious on the level of risk driving beside the two container trucks carrying hazardous material along PLUS highway. I hope there is no radioactive trace!

The Borneo Post

It was a tiring day and I was too lazy to take a walk along the Kuching river front.
I just spent the whole night reading The Borneo Post and surfing internet using my Dopod U1000. The RM60 DIGI Edge data package works very well in Kuching.

Similanjau Sandy Beach

Similanjau beach is just 45 km north of Bintulu Port. Untouched and clean . But you need to be ready for 15 minutes jungle tracking to reach the beach from the nearest coastal road.

Similanjau Marine Bug

I found this marine bug crawling slowly along the beach of Similanjau but
could not find the name of this black bug.

Rent A 4 WD to Bakun

I don't normally provide free advert for any company. However during my last trip to Kuching I was so pleased with this beautiful country. I was surprised that the food taste so good in Bintulu.

I found this advert in Bintulu Aiport and I think it will be difficult to find this information in future and I hope everyone will find this info useful. I hope this company provide a good service.

I did not go to Bakun but I went to Similanjau seaside for some marine studies.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Got Enough of Malaysian Soccer Excuses ? Play a real street soccer

Lets play a real street soccer. All you need is a car and a tank full of petrol.
Somewhere in USJ 20 people decided to forget about soccer made in England and start the real street soccer.

The rule of the game : No offside traps allowed.