Saturday, April 18, 2009

Exora : You'll be amazed!

Exora : On the way to show room

I'm too busy trying to sort issue with PLKN and arranging a friend from Italy who need to return home due to dengue . There was no spare time for me to see the latest MPV launched by Proton.

Amazed ? - not really - the external design looks interesting but 1600 cc CAMPRO seems a bit under powered for a 7 seater MPV.

I not sure whether to choose EXORA, Lavina or AVANZA.

Engine layout:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another World Record ?

Some where in the middle of a jungle and far from the stressful city life another mega structure and world record breaking is being constructed......

The longest single leaf cable stay bridge with 500m free span crossing over Sg Johor and will connect two quiet towns (Kampong Kong Kong and Kampung Tanjung Buai).

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What's the Coolest Car in Town powered by?

Campro or Impul or Brabus or MONEY ?. This driver had decided that MONEY powered his COOL car.