Friday, January 18, 2008

Malaysian in Sharjah

I was in Sharjah, UAE last week with few friends to promote our company in UAE . The experience was not to what we had expected.

The number of visitors on the opening day was low. Most participants were so frustrated with the location of the trade EXPO arranged by MATRADE .

The second day was not getting any better due to Bush visit in Dubai where most of the road leading to Sharjah were closed .

Last but not least , the third day Dubai was hit by the biggest flood.

We ended up visiting fellows' booths and exchange gift and built up network which we could not possibly did in Malaysia. Some had to throw the hundred brochures and product information that were not used to avoid paying the exorbitant air freight charges

Sharjah is not for a place to look for business, Dubai is !! . So, Matrade please do your homework.....