Friday, April 11, 2008

Parking Problem in Taipan, USJ

Photo : Quick action by MBSJ to remove car for parking infront of Recycle Centre. I hope the authority is also quick at implementing an efficient transport system for the Subang Jaya folks.

Try to find a parking space in Taipan, USJ on Saturday ?. Most of the time you have to wait for on hour before you can find an empty parking lot.

Everybody is driving to this place. People from USJ , Puchong and Putra Height come in just to do their shopping or to have a nice dinner. There is no reliable bus service and taxi driver will not take you for a short trip even from Subang Parade to SS19.

So , the new YB from PKR, if you read this blog I hope you can arrange a meeting on Saturday 11.00 am at Taipan and see how fast you can park your car.