Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Malaysia First Space Venture ?

A photo taken near Malaysia Space Centre, Banting . Not a space mission probably but just a watch tower. Can someone tell us what is going on inside this space centre ??. Are they talking to the alien or just gazing at stars and milky way. 

I do not think they have manage to attract the attention of  the surrounding neighbours. None of my niece or nephew who stay nearby can explain  to me what is the MSC station all about.....

So many government research bodies were set up but information are kept in their archives....

I started my interest in Astronomy 20 years ago while doing my A Level in UK. The fist book that I purchased was written by Carl Sagan. Later I spent 2 years reading all kind of UFO books. The last book related to aviation that I purchased  during my stay in Nottingham was a second hand book about German long range missile development used in the second world war.