Thursday, June 27, 2013

Class A contractor ? What is the criteria used by the authority ? Part 1

I wonder what is the criteria used by the authority to give class A license to contractors.

Failure of temporary works are very common nowadays even by class A contractor. 

Class A contractor should have adequate   professional and expert within their organisation to take full responsibilty of any temporary work. otherwise dont give them class A license.

CIDB or BEM  should stop asking the design consultant or supervision engineer to be responsible for checking and made responsible of any failure of temporary structure. This should be clearly stated to class A contractor or even to class b c etc.

If they can get the class A license to do multi million dollar project they should be able to spend some money to employ proper people to check their temporary once, twice , triple until it is super safe.

CIDB or BEM should by now realise what kind of material most of the contractor are using as their construction material . Quite often old or recycle material are used repeatedly. just visit to some of the class A project site and see what material they used for construction. who ever responsible for giving the license  should monitor these contractor instead of depending on the site engineering consultant. 

You dont need to police class A contractor unless they got the license through backdoor. !!! Let the consultant focus on the quality of work expected by the Client's and the Contractor fully responsible on how they will deliver the product. Simple logic.

I am not sure if BEM , IEM and CIDB are protecting the interest of contractor to protect the public interest at the expense of consulting engineer.

ACEM should protect the interest of their members by quickly limiting the duty in term of temporary works to just commenting but without any responsibility.

Again what is the criteria??

... end of part 1

Part II will not be publish unless I see some action from ACEM / BEM / IEM or CIDB within this few weeks or month.