Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did Malaysia Finance Company employed gangster to collect loan from defaulter?

Today is a sad day for me being a Malaysian or perhaps being a Malay.

After having lunch in Seksen 14 , PJ with my office mate I walked to my car with my friend which was only 10 m from the road side restaurant , when I saw 6 people surrounded my car.

Six of them , all Indian looking like gangster prevented me from opening the car door and told me they had a notice from a local finance company to reposes the car. I did not read the letter but I can see the bank logo was there.

They ask for my name and IC , but I was reluctant to give . Somehow things got a little tricky when they mentioned a Chinese name being the owner of the car. So it was very clear that it was a mistaken identity but unfortunately the car number is the same so is the chassis number.

I requested to see the letter but was refused .I wanted take a photo of the letter but were refused by them. We started to argue but time was running out for me because I had to attend my Friday praying.

Finally they gave up and said the bank made a mistake. But I had no proof that the bank issued the letter to them.

It was embarrassing moment for me to be placed in this situation by a bank.

After Friday prayer I went to the bank where I normally made my payment and they confirmed that there was no Fourth Schedule issued under my name.

My conclusion.

[1] Were the people that harassed me genuine car repossessor employed by the bank. I think they were genuine and also rough kind of people. Why did I think they were genuine . They left us and went back to the restaurant pretending nothing had happen.

[2] Did the bank made a mistake. Yes . The bank will never admit they make the mistake and never admitted they employed a rough car repossessor company.

[3] Why I regretted . I was harassed for a wrong reason by a group of Indian employed by a Malay bank to harass a Malay.

[4] Were they gangster ?. Yes they look like one. They behave like one.

Why I am concerned.

My wife also drive this car once in a while so I am concerned she may be harassed by other re possessor employed by the bank.

The six Indian should not treated me like I don't belong to this country because I had never disrespect any other races . Whether they were legally employed by the bank or not.

The finance business run by moron who engaged gangster character to hassle people .

What I really regretted?

I did not take of the any photo of the event . I was already late for Friday praying

Should I make a police report?

No, I think the police should better spend their time looking for Sharlene.

What I will do next?

........ still thinking if I have enough evidence to name the bank in this blog.....

Do I have witness.?

more than 20 people watched the commotion.